5 Benefits of Aikido … from our members

Benefits of Aikido …ki-connection-300x199

  1. “If I can relax doing Aikido, I can relax doing pretty much anything”
  2. “I often start with a headache after a busy day and after class I feel fantastic”
  3. “Learning Aikido is helping me to feel more peaceful inside and not fly off the handle”
  4. “I have more confidence now; those little things that niggled me don’t matter now”
  5. “Oh yeah … the self defence part … now that I have it I don’t seem to need it”

Grading last Saturday 27th July

Congratulations to Tien Tien and Ting Ting who performed a very good 2nd Kyu grading demonstration last Saturday. Both were relaxed and very much in the moment as they worked through the curriculum techniques and then into their taninzugake which was also free flowing. And to finish, they found good voice as they powered through their Bokken and Jo kata. Well done to two committed and hard-working sister.

Congratulations also to Michael who performed his long awaited 4th Kyu grading. Michael kindly contributed to our benefits of Aikido matchbox feedback above. He has been training regularly since he restarted his Aikido training and his commitment to the art is paying dividends. Very well done Michael, your techniques were very well executed and you are a great example to those coming up behind you.

Also a big shout out to Jane who also graded to 7th Kyu during the week. I wasn’t there but Ben Sensei was impressed and that is high praise. You are on your way! We look forward to many more Tuesdays and Saturdays classes with you.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Aikido contact us.

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