Aikikids – We Are Not Currently Running Aikido Classes For Kids

Aikikids is the name given to our Aikido program tailored specifically for children aged from 5 years and up. We are not currently running any Aikikids programs at Mount Gravatt Dojo.

Our Mount Gravatt Dojo accepts students from the age of 13 or above.

aikikids(logo)Unlike many martial arts, Aikido requires no advantage in strength or speed and as such is ideal for children. Aikido practice develops flexibility, coordination, concentration, improved health and fitness, heightens awareness, increases self-esteem and teaches calmness. Your child will learn how to fall and roll safely which is a great skill to acquire.

There is a saying in Aikido that the techniques are simple but not easy. The key to making progress in Aikido is simply persevering and having a positive attitude. This is a valuable life lesson to teach our children.

It teaches that you must work in harmony with your environment and others. If your mind is correct, calm and positive, you can make something good out of whatever the universe hands you.

kids learning aikido