Our Respected Aikido Instructors

Head Instructor (QLD)

aikido instructor

Ben Tan Sensei (6th Dan) – Ben is the Head Instructor for Aikido Yuishinkai in Queensland. Ben sensei’s classes allows students to brush up on their weapons kata (jo and bokken) as well as having a good variation of aikido techniques taken from the grading syllabus. Tuesday evening classes are taught by Ben sensei.


martial arts teacher

Erwin Fielt Sensei (3rd dan) – Erwin sensei started Aikido with the Dutch Aikikai Foundation (following the line of Christian Tissier Shihan) in the Netherlands in 2003. He joined Aikido Yuishinkai in 2009, when he moved to Australia. His main interests are in a solid grounding of Aikido based on understanding its key principles. In his classes he likes to explore the many different aspects and variations of a technique. Erwin sensei takes the Tuesday class alternating with Ben sensei.

Christopher Cobban has been training in the art of Aikido for over 14 years. He currently holds the level of a 2nd degree black belt (Nidan) in the Yuishinkai style. He has also taught teenagers and adult classes for over 6 years at Griffith Aikido Institute. Chris’s interests lie in aiki weapons training, particularly their role informing the application of bare hand training. 

“I strive to be fun, engaging and approachable in my classes. I look forward to meeting you and helping you begin your training!”