Just for women – learn to protect yourself

A woman using Aikido to defend herself. Our Aikido-based self-protection program is about staying safe and working to regain your safety. It is not about fighting.

We hesitate to call it ‘self-defence’ because that name suggests engagement only. That is the last resort and there is so much else you can do.

womens-protection-pageWe will also teach you how to improve your preparation, awareness and avoidance so that you are less likely to find yourself in a difficult situation.

You see, we don’t want to create unrealistic expectations that learning a few combat techniques or counter- attack techniques only, will keep you safe.

Unless you train hard and practice regularly over a long period of time, combat techniques are unlikely to work for you because they won’t be instinctive.

We don’t want you to falsely rely on a few moves you only practiced for a day.

We would rather show you concepts a lot closer to what you normally do on a daily basis. That way, a lot more will stick because you will go through the same preparation and routine, whether there is a difficult situation or not.
The aim of our self-protection program is to help you stay safe by showing you how to be a HARD TARGET.

1st Thursday of each month; $10 PER PERSON –  These classes are held at our Nathan dojo only and are subject to minimum numbers / enquiry.

Call Narelle on 0474 218 203 to BOOK YOUR PLACE.

“Women generally don’t get involved in fights and brawls like young men do. Across the board, conflict and violence is much more likely to come from someone we know, such as a husband, boyfriend or ex-partner. But we must also be on guard against being man-handled by some drunken Romeo or dealing with someone who won’t take no for an answer “.
Narelle – women’s instructor
Women are too often viewed by males as easy targets. When it comes to serious sexual assault by a stranger, the attacker behaviour can be quite predatory. Power and control is a common motivation, even when sexual gratification is the goal.

A few of the common circumstances where young females are at high risk of attack by a stranger:

  • On a first date in a car or bedroom with someone not known to friends
  • Meeting for the first time as a result of internet dating
  • In nightspots where alcohol and drugs are prevalent
  • When travelling overseas – at all times
  • Alone in car parks and stairwells


“I joined Griffith Aikido many years ago. Although I stayed less than a year, it turned out that I learnt enough to avoid being raped (… or worse) during a home invasion a decade later. I couldn’t remember any move or technique when my flatmate and I were grabbed, beaten and told repeatedly that we would be raped. As we sat imprisoned in our own home feeling terrified, one thing eventually came to mind, only because the instructors stressed it a lot. That was – “stay calm”. Then I remembered the instructors said to breathe deeply and that’s what we did. When we visibly relaxed a bit, so did the intruders. Finally, when they felt they had our total obedience, they left the room for a few moments. We seized the opportunity and ran out the front door, into the neighbours’ house and called the police. It saved our lives and I will be forever grateful.” Gina