Aikido – what does it mean?

If you are searching Brisbane martial arts, try Aikido. it is nothing like you have ever imagined a martial art to be. So what does Ai-ki-do mean?

Ai – Harmony

brisbane-martial-arts (2)Central to Aikido is the idea of being in harmony with your opponents, rather than in conflict with them. The movement and energy of an attack is redirected without the need for collision or the use of force. The physical practice of this fundamental principle of Aikido leads to a better understanding of people and nature, while teaching essential skills for the resolution of conflict.

The movements of Aikido are circular and flowing. They are designed on the principles of nature and move in circles and spirals.

When Aikido is performed well, there is a great beauty and composure in the movements of both partners.

Ki – Life Energy

Ki is the universal energy, which gives life and vitality to all things. Developing both an understanding of Aikido principles and the ability to direct and use Ki are an integral part of Aikido training.

Relaxation exercises, breathing methods, meditation, Yuki (healing with Ki), bokken (wooden sword), and jo (wooden staff) are used to help students master Aikido principles by giving them the opportunity to experience Ki with their own minds and bodies.

Understanding and developing Ki is a way of enhancing your natural strengths and abilities. As you begin to understand Aikido principles, you will in turn develop creative and practical new ways to apply these principles to your daily life.

Do – The Way

The Aikido dojo (meaning ‘place of the way’) provides a secure and friendly environment where we can begin to see and understand our fears, anxieties, reactions and habits. Aikido training is entirely non-competitive and fosters an attitude of support and cooperation.

The concentration and discipline required for Aikido training brings focus to our daily life. Aikido challenges us to improve our skills and attempt new things. By achieving these new skills, we gain confidence in our ability to maintain stability and poise in the everyday challenges of our lives.

(An exerpt from pages 15-17, Aikido Yuishinkai Student Handbook by Michael Williams, Chief Instructor, Aikido Yuishinkai International)

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