Shukan News 7th Feb

Monday 7th February 2011

1. Welcome to your club’s new website

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new club website It first burst into cyberspace in December and since then we have been filling it with content and posting some interesting articles for you.

The new site opens at the Blog page. That way, you will see new content (including the Shukan News) every 2-3 days when you visit the site. Also note on the right hand side of the site there are free downloads ‘A parent’s Guide’ and ‘A Beginner’s Guide’. Please don’t hesitate to send the link to your friends. Below the free downloads, you will see Club Notices – for anything really important that we need to tell you.

You can now pay your membership and monthly training fees from the Payments page You can also continue to pay from the old site for the time being. However, we will be putting a redirection on the old site so that if you click on its address, you will arrive at the new site.

Please take some time to explore the site. One page that continues to grow is the About / Resources page. There are links here to some very interesting places. The latest is Nanba Walking with William Reed Sensei.

2. Your Membership in 2011

Just a reminder from Jutta that a few people haven’t paid their 2011 membership yet. Please be respectful and do it early. Go to the Payments page of our new website and help us keep the admin simple.

3. Volunteers needed for Griffith Uni week-1 market stall

Please show your Aussie volunteer spirit by helping us out on our ‘Griffith Aikido’ club stall at the Griffith University market day at Nathan Campus on Thursday 3rd march 2011. The university asks us to do this 2-3 times a year as part of being a registered university club. In return, we as a group, receive significant concessions. The purpose is to actively promote club activity on campus to new students. We only need 4 hours of your time on that day and it would help your club enormously. Contact Chris Cobban (our aiki-teens instructor) at

4. Annual General meeting

Our annual general meeting (AGM) is coming up in mid-March. This is your opportunity to hear about the progress of your club. We will advise the date soon. We are currently waiting for the audit report of our 2010 financial statements. As an incorporated association, we require an external audit each year.

The AGM is usually held on a Tuesday or Thursday evening during class time to make it easy for most members to attend. When the AGM is announced, members will also have the opportunity to nominate for the committee of Griffith Aikido. So if you are thinking of staying with Griffith Aikido for a while, please give it some thought.

5. Coping with hot training sessions

Training in the middle of an Australian summer is challenging, particularly during this current heat wave where temperatures are well over 30 degrees. You will notice that instructors are providing many more drink breaks through class.

Mike sent in this interesting article on the importance of hydration before, during and after exercise. It highlights some very important points about when to drink, what to drink, and how much to drink.

Importance of Hydration for an Athlete:

6. Cheese and crackers for the soul

“When opposing warriors join in battle, he who has pity conquers.” Lao Tzu