Is Aikido effective self defence?

martial-arts-brisbane-2Many people ask whether Aikido training is effective self defence. The answer depends on whether you want to learn to fight or want to learn skills to cope with life’s difficult moments.

Fighting is never the solution. People fight only because they can’t remain calm and they can’t control their ego.

If you want to learn to fight then there are other martial arts that will provide some useful skills earlier. Aikido takes longer to become proficient.

I have seen a lot of beginners leave because they have no patience to learn the art. They are searching for more immediate results.

So if you don’t want to fight but you want a martial art that teaches non confrontational self protection skills, then Aikido is for you!

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean:

  • If you are a female in a domestic argument whose partner has just grabbed you by the wrist and is threatening to strike you with his other hand then Aikido training will enable you break free and escape.
  • If you are a female jogger grabbed by a bikeway stalker then again yes, aikido training will again help you break free and escape, regardless of how big and strong the attacker is.
  • If you are mugged at gunpoint or at knifepoint, then yes Aikido training will help you – not to do anything stupid like trying to disarm the assailant, but it will give you the calmness and presence of mind to give them your money and walk away safely.
  • If you are threatened by a gang then yes Aikido will provide the awareness skills to sense the danger early, or the calmness to try to find a peaceful way out, or the courage to run like hell.
  • If you are bullied at school then Aikido training will give you the confidence and self esteem boost you need to walk anywhere in the school yard without being harassed. Since starting Aikido training not one of our club’s many school children has been bullied and not one has ever been drawn into a fight.

Awareness is your greatest protector. A calm mind enables you to think clearly under pressure. Aikido develops those and gives you some useful escape skills. It also develops many more martial skills over time but they should never be used unless life is threatened.

If your are looking self defence or for martial arts in Brisbane, give Aikido a try at Griffith Aikido. We are located at The Hills PCYC on the northside, and at Nathan Campus, Griffith University on the southside. Students and non-students welcome. For class times go to