Welcome to Griffith Aikido Brisbane


Eri in action at our recent black belt gradings

If you are looking for martial arts in Brisbane, you are in the right place.

Eri in action at our recent black belt gradings
We are a large vibrant club with a diverse membership and we train in a very friendly environment. If you are looking to learn a martial art skill, that doesn’t involve a punishing physical fitness regime, then Aikido training just might be for you.

Aikido can be traced back to the Samurai era in ancient feudal Japan. It is built on Eastern paradigms of internal power and mind development. So if you are interested in an art that relies on calm mind and relaxed body, rather than physical strength and speed, then come give us a try.



Location: We have two convenient Brisbane locations:

  • Brisbane North (Everton Hills)– Hills District Police Citizens Youth Club
  • Brisbane South (Nathan) – Sports Centre, Nathan Campus, Griffith University

Grab your free booklet ‘A Beginners Guide’ to find map locations.

Contact: Brisbane North: Call Rod on 0406 598 478

Brisbane South: Call Steve on 0432 269 534

Email: info@griffithaikido.org

martial-arts-brisbane-kamiza1Griffith Aikido is a registered Griffith University club but the majority of our membership is non-student. We have a long proud history of teaching Aikido to people from all walks of life for over 20 years.

Safety is our number one priority. We have many instructors and black belts in the club, which means that training is well supervised and there is always a skilled senior nearby to help you.

Our style of Aikido is ‘Yuishinkai’, which is not such a hard style of Aikido, but is still very energetic and acrobatic. Our membership is diverse because it appeals to females as well as males, and older people as well as children (from 5 years).

Aikido is a defensive martial art. There is no kicking or punching. The training relies on blending and harmony with an opponent and using their energy against them. Aikido is called ‘The Art of Peace’ but make no mistake Aikido is effective self defense and can be very dangerous if misused.

Grab your free ‘A Beginner’s Guide’ (on the right of your screen) and start.

At Nathan we offer a special beginner’s course which starts at 6.30pm on the first Tuesday of each month (Nathan only). Just call Steve on 0432 269 534.

If you wish to train at our Brisbane North (Everton Hills) dojo, just give Rod a call on 0406 598 478 and start anytime.

Contact: Brisbane North (Everton Hills): Call Rod on 0406 598 478

Brisbane South (Nathan): Call Steve on 0432 269 534

Email: info@griffithaikido.org