Martial arts brisbane – About Ki

When looking for martial arts Brisbane and you are not into kicking and punching consider a highly refined art that has a significant internal aspect. I am referring to the concept of Ki. It is integral to the relaxed power that drives the art of Aikido. Training with correct internal principles is just as important as training in the outer forms of technique.

The late Koichi Tohei Sensei was an original student of the Founder Morihei Ueshiba, also referred to as O Sensei. In 1969, Tohei was awarded 10th dan by O Sensei. Tohei Sensei spent his life exploring Ki in Aikido. His four principles to unify mind and body are:

  1. Keep one point
  2. Relax completely
  3. Keep weigh underside
  4. Extend Ki

I want to share a little more wisdom of Koichi Tohei with you. The following are extracts from his pocket sized ‘Ki Sayings’

Koichi-Tohei-SenseiKi Development Exercises

It is easier to coordinate mind and body when we are sitting or standing still than when in motion. But true unification means to maintain the coordination of mind and body even when we are moving.

The Ki development exercises train one to always maintain the unification of mind and body in our daily life. By applying them to our life, we can perform to the best of our ability in all circumstances.

The Purpose of Ki-Aikido

The purpose of Ki-Aikido is not self defence; that is a mere by-product. It is far more important to learn to control the mind and body.

It is too late to try to calm the mind after you take up the sword. First you must calm the mind and then extend the sword.

When you raise the sword overhead, do not cut your Ki. Continue to calm the mind by half, half, half … and create a living calmness in that infinite reduction.

When practicing cutting with the sword you will find infinitely more value in cutting just five to ten times with Ki fully extended, then you would in cutting a thousand times with mere physical strength.

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