Aikido – resolve conflict without fighting

aikido-brisbane-non-fighting-mindWe have had quite a few people start and finish in our dojo in a short space of time because they were disappointed that they were not learning to fight.

It’s a real shame that people don’t stick around to see a fraction of what Aikido has to offer. With no kicks and punches, and no aggression, Aikido can be too hastily judged to be useless in a physical confrontation.

It is true that Aikido takes a long time to learn and takes a lot of practice before it is effective as self defense. However, Aikido is founded in a different philosophy. Although it is a martial art but it is certainly not a fighting art. It is known world wide as the art of peace. It seeks to restore peace where peace is absent!

Fighting is society’s default conflict resolution process. Most people know no other way. Our entire history is enshrined in war and violent conflict. It was preached to me by my Father and it is now reinforced to our children in action movies and video games.

So why shouldn’t a school yard argument or a difference in core beliefs, be resolved in exactly the same way?

Fighting offers very little possibility of peace when one has defeated and possibly injured, humiliated and shamed another. It serves only to fuel anger, bitterness and revenge.

If you fight, you spend your life looking over your shoulder for one of your victims bearing a grudge. It is true that revenge is a dish best served cold. It could be years before your past catches up with you; and you may never see it coming.

So what is different about Aikido? Regular training in Aikido develops a non-fighting mind. For a martial art that grew out of Japanese battlefield arts, that is something very special.

A non-fighting mind is one that feels no need to fight or to vanquish another. A non-fighting mind seeks to stop the violence and restore peace, not by meeting force with force. Aikido uses the energy of an opponent to redirect, control and stop the violence. In that way, no one needs to be hurt.

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