Shukan News 2nd July 2012

1. Mansfield/Mt Gravatt dojo cancelled class

We apologise again for the sudden cancellation of the Mansfield/Mt Gravatt kids and new womens class last Wednesday. Circumstances beyond our control, and of which we were only informed upon getting to the dojo just prior to class caused the inability for classes to be held. Energex were putting in a new transformer on Broadwater Road resulting in loss of power to to all primary school buildings including the daycare and Student Centre at Brisbane Adventist College. The college have apologised for miscommunication which resulted in us not being advised of this work and the subsequent loss of use of the Student Centre.

Classes at Mansfield/Mt Gravatt are not on this week either, but will resume as normal with both kids and adults classes on 11th July 2012.

2. Next Beginners Course

Our next course starts on 3rd July 2012 at Nathan dojo

3. From the library

BOKKEN Art of the Japanese Sword” by Dave Lowry. Available now for club members to loan (Nathan cupboard).

dave-lowry-sensei2Dave Lowry is an author and a swordsman of the 21st generation of the Yagyu Shinkage tradition. Of the classical martial arts schools, the Yagyu is one of the most venerated, with a close connection to Zen and the politics of feudal Japan. Dave Lowry began his training in the classical art of Japanese swordsmanship in 1968 under the tutelage of Ryokichi Kotaro of Nara Prefecture. Lowry’s martial arts experience also includes training in Kodokan judo and karate-do.

Back cover summarydave-lowry-bokken1

In “BOKKEN Art of the Japanese Sword”, Dave Lowry focuses on the techniques and history of the bokken – the wooden training sword used by both ancient samurai and today’s swordsmen. According to Lowry, training with the bokken is important on two levels for the modern practitioner: “On one, he builds the physical stamina, rhythms, and adroit body movements of traditional swordsmanship. On the other, he achieves something of the animating spirit of the traditional swordsman. He is, through the refinement of his practice, linked in a very real way to his past, for it is from the principles of swordsmanship that the budo of today have based their teachings, no matter what their present form.

4. Thought for the week

“Life is not measured by the breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breathe away.” Anonymous