Shukan News 9th July 2012

Monday 9th July 2012


1. Sneak Peek at the Thursday’s training

In the 11 June edition of Shukan news we featured some spectacular vision of
Aikido master Christian Tissier. Mike Nash will be exploring some aspects of
Tissier’s style at this Thursday night’s training. Please review this video in
preparation for Thursday’s class. Mike will go into the finer points and explore
this version and our own version of Kokyu Nage. Yes, it’s a first homework….
for Aikido

Also for those who attended training last thursday it appears that Steve
Mitchell Sensei may have been channelling Tissier. Look about half way through
the below vision of Tissier where he demonstrates some of the shoman techniques

2. Mansfield/Mt Gravatt Dojo

A reminder to all that both kids and adult classes recommence this Wednesday,
11th July. We look forward to seeing our regulars and anyone new who wants to
come and join us!

3. Thought for the week

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them
all yourself” Eleanor Roosevelt