The Everton round up!

Aikikids-at-Everton-Hills-dojo1-300x198On Saturday the 15th we had Sensei Thom Hansen, (one of the most senior instructors in Brisbane aikido) visit and he delivered another great class, which included Tenchi Nage , and also some back to basics on “Moon Shadow”. We had a great turn out and there was plenty of opportunities to train with different people, was also great to see a few others from Nathan come along Narelle, Michael, Lachlan, and Gary (did we see Gary & Thom negotiating for Thom to visit Nathan dojo perhaps at some future date?) Going forward we intend to get Sensei Thom at Everton once a month, so stay tuned for the next date.

Also on Saturday, the PCYC had its birthday celebrations and open day so we did a public demonstration, so a big thanks Sensei David Shepherd who organised this, ran & spoke at the demo. Also a big thanks to all who came along, and also for your patience as we had a surprise last minute rescheduling.

Monday the 10th, was also David’s first class as an instructor. We have also had in recent weeks with Sensei Rod’s extended holiday, Sensei Michelle Roderick & Sensei Sylvie Lacherez out in front of the class, leading it for the first time. Well done guys and I know Rod is proud of each of you making this next step in your Aiki journey.