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Chris Cobban: About Me

I started training at Griffith Aikido in 2004 (Southbank) as a teenager. From the very first night that I watched people train at Griffith, I was fascinated by Aikido. As I trained, I was inspired by some really impressive students like Gabby, Aaron and Paul and with great teachers like Danny James and Steve Dows […]

President’s Address

I want to start by saying thank you to all our members for accepting my nomination to be president. I appreciate and am grateful for all your trust and support in allowing me the opportunity to take on this position. I also want to thank those who came before me and kept our dojo going, […]

Borrowing Items from the Dojo Library

What’s the next best thing to training in Aikido? Reading about it of course! Geeky awkwardness aside, the Griffith Aikido library at Nathan campus has an extensive range of books, DVDs and other materials. The collection ranges from manuals on Aikido as well as other martial arts, biographies, humorous memoirs (Angry White Pyjamas!!!) and even […]

How Aikido Made Me a Confident Teenager

Aikido for me has been a big part of my life. It literally became the catalyst that changed my personality as I matured through my adolescence. It all started at 14, when I was lucky enough that while my older brother was studying Ninjutsu, he saw the value in what martial arts could do for […]

Looking for Interesting Background Knowledge on Aikido

In order to really understand Aikido, it is good to have some background knowledge of the history of the artform. As a more recent martial art, Aikido’s history and growth has luckily been able to be comprehensively documented. Many figures, most notably Stanley Pranin went to great efforts to gather first person accounts as well […]

Self Defence with Aikido

We all have busy lives. It’s hard to carve out time to do something for ourselves. If we do find some time for self-improvement, there are many options to fill this void. Learning self-defence can be a worthy and rewarding choice. At the fundamental level, self-defence is an insurance policy in personal protection. It promises […]

On the Importance of Breathing

In general, you will find at Griffith Aikido that in class, we perform breathing practices from time to time. It may seem strange to practice your breathing as this is something your body just does. As I’ll explain below and in later posts on the topic, breathing is an important subject to research in your […]

The Art of Aikido and What Helped to Shape It

Unlike other martial arts Aikido is not about attack and defense. At it’s core it is about re-directing energy to create harmony instead of harm. It wasn’t always that way though. I tend to look at the evolution of Aikido as having two distinct eras. The first is pre-world war two and the second is post […]

5 Ways Aikido Training Can Help Improve Your Life

Before I started training in Aikido I had spent two decades studying other forms of martial arts. Most of them were very martial which means a lot of physical contact and ultimately I could see that as my body ages I would not be able to keep up this level of intensity. I was also […]

Basic Aikido Practices

In Aikido, you will have training for both physical and mental aspects. Physical training emphasizes more on the fitness of the body and specific techniques while mental training allows you to have peace in your mind and body even under dangerous circumstances. Your training actually begins right at the door of the dojo: here you […]