Shukan News 8th August

Monday 8th August 2011

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1. Aikido motion capture – colour by speed

Well here’s something different! The link to this video was sent in by one of our members.

The video below uses colour to represent speed. It shows the extremities of stylized figures moving quickly while the hips move relatively slowly. It explains the apparent blur of speed of Aikido technique as observed by the onlooker while Nage (the thrower) moves relatively slowly at the centre.

It is one a several fascinating videos posted on You Tube by ‘Adaptive Perception’ that highlights the circular and blending nature of Aikido.

2. Customer vs Student

The following is a very relevent article posted on the Budo Beyond Technique blogsite.

“Are you a customer or student of martial arts? There is no wrong answer; but, there is a difference.

In the context of martial arts, a martial arts customer is someone who comes for exercise, basic self defence, or status of just taking a martial art. A martial arts student is someone who trains for the love of the art, gives back to the art by helping others and is there for self improvement not the next belt.

There are probably extremely few people who start out as a student of the martial arts. Most come in for their own reasons such as self defence, a change in workout routines, gain confidence, a goal of getting a black belt, etc. Hopefully the atmosphere of the dojo and especially of the sensei will show the customer there is much more to martial arts then memorizing a bunch of techniques. This is just the very beginning.

The longer the new member stays with the dojo the more they should become a student. The rules and discipline may seem foreign and over the top for many people. But, not only are they there for safety; but, respect for each other and the art itself. This is most likely the first of endless layers the new member will experience. Sensei with the help of senior members of the dojo will guide the new member as far as they would like to go. Hopefully, their example and guidance will peak the new member’s curiosity and start them on a long and rewarding journey of becoming a student for life.”

3. Maruyama Sensei seminar

Maruyama Sensei

Maruyama Sensei

The 2011 annual seminar with Maruyama Sensei will be held in mid October. Details have now been released. Once again the seminar will be hosted by the Byron Bay Aikido Club at Goshinkan dojo. The Yurt is also available for overnight stays but you will need to be quick to make a reservation.

The seminar will run from Friday14th – Monday 17th October 2011. There will be 3 days of Aikido (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and I day of Shindo (Yuki) healing on the Monday. Full details including prices are on the attached flyer. Please note that the Early Bird date is 30th August.

Accommodation should be a little easier and cheaper this year because the seminar is not in the school holiday period. NSW state schools return for Term 4 on Monday 10th October. Queensland state schools return for Term 4 on Monday 3rd October.

Elizabeth has recommended Byron Beach Realty for house rentals. Website email


4. Thought for the week

“Peace is not absence of conflict; it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” Ronald Reagan